May 1, 2017

Dear Chalice Lighter,

This is now our second call under the newly restarted Chalice Lighters program in the PCD. At this time we are hoping to have our Program Manager in place soon, and then soon after will begin accepting grants from congregations for the calls which will start in early fall (there will be three calls next year).

For this call, we are going to increase our support for leadership development. Not too long ago, the Board had a possibility of receiving a large gift from a single donor. To the end of doing the most good with that money, we looked for advice on what really helps. And asked former President Peter Morales, who is known to be a strong empiricist and experimenter. This is what he had to say, after an introductory “It is complicated…”

“I am convinced that some efforts at the district, region and national level can make a big difference over time. Nurturing leadership at all levels—ordained, other religious professionals, lay—is crucial. This includes recruiting leaders, as in our “Summer Seminary” program. Another example of this is our “Thrive” program for youth of color. Nurturing leaders also includes all the work to develop innovation in ministry in the Entrepreneurial Ministry program that is a partnership between the UUA and the UUMA. Helping people gain experiences like those provided in the College of Social Justice can be transformational.”

So, all the funds raised in this call will be used for leadership development by giving full or partial grants for any tuition or fees charged by a school, leadership program, youth development program, etc. A letter of recommendation from a UU minister will be required along with a statement from the applicant who wishes to pursue further development or training.

Please support our leaders (or future leaders) with your generous giving to this program.

Can you afford to give $20? We are grateful for whatever you can contribute. Payments will be accepted towards this call through June 19. Ten percent of each call reimburses expenses to administer the program. If you prefer to make your payment online, please see the NEW donation page. Or mail your check, payable to PCD Chalice Lighters to: PCD Chalice Lighters, 7511 Greenwood Avenue North, #414, Seattle, WA 98103-4627. Please note that this address is new. Include the PCD designation on both your check and payment envelope. Questions may be directed to

Thanks for your support!

Sincerely yours,
Steve Burns, PCD Board President