Chalice Lighter Calls

The PCD Chalice Lighter program was slightly revamped effective the 2019/2020 church year. As of July, 2019 there is an active call open at all times: Fall – July-October; Winter – November-February, and Spring – March-June. As in the past, all calls for the fiscal year will open for contributions with the posting of the Fall call. If you prefer to fulfill your annual pledge in one sitting, you may still contribute to the Winter and Spring calls in advance when you make your Fall donation.

Read the current call letter.

Many donors have requested the option to set up automated monthly payments. By having calls open continuously, automated monthly withdrawals will be easy for donors to arrange.

Make a one-time gift (to one or all calls) on the PCD Giving Page.
Set up automatic monthly payments on the PCD Automatic Giving Page.

If you make your contributions by check, please make check payable to PCD Chalice Lighters and mail to:

PCD Chalice Lighters
P.O. Box 567
Brighton, CO 80601

If you are not yet a PCD Chalice Lighter, you can sign up here to become a Chalice Lighter. If you are already enrolled as a PCD Chalice Lighter, you can use this same form to let us know if you wish to change from paper mailings to receiving emailed calls.

The PCD is currently accepting applications for Chalice Lighter grants. Learn how your congregation can apply for a Chalice Lighter Grant below. If you have questions about the program, contact

What is the Chalice Lighters program?

Chalice Lighters is a program to help to spread the light of liberal religious values throughout our Pacific Central District. You sign up to donate to three Chalice Lighter calls per year. Each call will be for a specific growth project by a single congregation or a multi-congregational initiative, or even for a UU affiliated organization. Imagine the possibilities!

How does the Chalice Lighter Program work?

PCD Chalice Lighters commit to donate at minimum $20 per call three times a year. Each call is for a specific growth project. When you sign up, you will receive a “Call” letter telling you about the current “Call” to be funded. The letter will explain the current project and request that you send in your pledged amount.
Imagine if one out of every two members in our PCD congregations gave at least $20 three times a year to each call! With a 2018 membership of 5,972 that would mean that we could raise more than $179,000 each year for the growth of Unitarian Universalism in the Pacific Central District. Won’t you become a Chalice Lighter today and help us reach for that goal?

Who is eligible to receive Chalice Lighter Grants?

Member congregations in the Pacific Central District that are Honor Congregations in the UUA and PCD are eligible to apply for grants. Although not a requirement, preference will go to those congregations with a higher participation rate as active Chalice Lighters.

Download the Chalice Lighter Grant Application (PDF).

Contact your minister, your Chalice Lighter ambassador at your congregation, or