Dear Friends,

In September 2015, the members of the Pacific Central District Board met in Sacramento to conduct the business of the District, but the terrible images and stories of loss from the Valley Fire and the Butte Fire made that work difficult at times. Many of us knew someone personally or within our circle of acquaintances and neighbors who lost a home.

Now in October 2017, we are confronted by magnitudes greater images and stories of loss in Napa, Sonoma, Yuba, Butte, Lake, Mendocino, and Nevada counties. And now there are at least 17 fires in Northern California: Tubbs, Pocket, Atlas, Nuns, Patrick, Pressley, Norrbom, Adobe, Redwood Potter, Sulphur, La Porte, Cascade, McCourtney, Lobo, Cherokee, Point, 37, and Honey.

Again, many of us know someone who has lost a home.

As we did in 2015, we are writing you today to urge you to consider the variety of ways that your congregation can help with relieving the suffering of our friends and neighbors in Northern California.

Please consider:

  1. Holding those suffering from the fires in your thoughts, and support them as you are able, whether that be through prayer, sending healing light and energy, or holding a positive thought for them.
  2. Offer home hospitality for someone who has lost their home.
  3. Organizing a food drive for the agencies serving the evacuees. Please identify a resource to receive your donations before you start.
  4. Organize a team of volunteers when the rebuilding efforts begin.
  5. Take a special collection in a worship service. Give the whole basket away. Consider doing it twice!

There are lots of sources of information, including the Facebook and web pages of PCD congregations on the front line of these fires. Another source is this webpage with updates about the fires and ways you can help.

It is also our understanding that the UUA Disaster Relief Fund will include relief for victims of the Northern California fires in its broadened mission.

Thank you for being a caring community. Let us know what your congregation has done and we’ll spread the good word!

The PCD Board of Directors