Dear Chalice Lighter,

The Winter Chalice Lighter call comes from the Pacific Central District Board of Directors, benefiting a newly formed entity that will serve all of the congregations in the PCD. We hope you will support it.

PCD Youth Ministries Common Ground Council is an organization created by several PCD entities to give opportunities to address conflict around district youth ministry to come together to build trust and create a new future for youth ministry.

The Common Ground Council has been formed to carry the effort forward in a second phase. The charge of the Common Ground Council is to create experiences such as retreats or workshops that will provide opportunities for the parties to the impasse to develop relationships and build trust among themselves in order to empower the community of parties to develop and create a common vision for youth ministry.

Help bring new life to our district’s youth ministries by supporting an effort to build trust and find a new way forward. The newly formed Common Ground Council will work together to provide meaningful opportunities for youth, parents, ministers, religious educators, and other interested folks to experience working, playing, worship, and simply being together, creating a new atmosphere that will help us to generate a new vision for youth ministry in our district.

Funds raised though this called will be matched by the Board. They will be used to facilitate the Common Ground Council and to provide the resources needed to develop, host, and facilitate workshops and retreats for the second phase. If you wish to see more youth and young adult involvement, then I urge you to support this call. For more information, please visit the website.

You can now have your gift automatically charged to your credit card or debited from your bank account each month. Automatic giving may be set up on the PCD automatic giving page. You can make a one-time donation online at our general giving page.  If you have already set up automatic giving, we thank you. We do not expect you to make an additional contribution to this call.  We are grateful for whatever you can contribute. Direct costs to administer the call are reimbursed from the donations before the grant is issued. More of your money will go toward the grant if you opt for emailed call letters and make your contribution online. Donations for this call will be accepted through February 29, 2020.

If you are sending a check, please make it payable to PCD Chalice Lighters and mail to our new address: PCD Chalice Lighters, P.O. Box 567, Brighton, CO 80601-0567.

Thank you for being a PCD Chalice Lighter!
Karen Urbano
PCD Volunteer Chalice Lighter Coordinator