September 2018
Dear Chalice Lighter,

Starr King School for the Ministry (SKSM) will be the recipient of your Fall 2018 Pacific Central District Chalice Lighter grant. 

Seminarians deserve our support! Starr King School for the Ministry has been educating religious leaders in Berkeley for 114 years. For over a decade, SKSM has offered the alternative of a “low residency” option to students whose family, work or financial circumstances prevent them from moving to Berkeley to attend classes. Online education, week-long “intensive” classes on campus, and immersion learning across the globe have expanded educational opportunities and helped to diversify the student body. Along with these benefits come the challenges of a more dispersed community. 

Strong collegial connections are highly correlated with successful ministry. To build a stronger community and deepen collegial relationships between on and off campus students, SKSM is organizing an All School Retreat to be held in 2019 that will include all students, both “high” and “low” residency, faculty and staff.  

Hard working seminarians already carry significant student debt. SKSM seeks assistance through a Chalice Lighter grant to cover retreat center fees for all interested students.  SKSM will raise additional funds for travel stipends and faculty and staff participation. Every gift matters!

Your past Chalice Lighter gifts have made so many things possible in our district, but donations have declined in recent years. Now is the time to dig deep and pool our resources to help this unique and precious school that benefits not only our district, but also our entire faith tradition! Your Chalice Lighter donation will help ensure the future of a diverse Unitarian Universalist ministryPlease make your gift today for the values we all share as Unitarian Universalists. Please join me in giving a stretch gift toward this call! 

We are grateful for whatever you can contribute. Donations for this call will be accepted through November 5, 2018. Ten percent of each call reimburses expenses to administer the program. If you prefer to make your payment online, please see the donation page. Or mail your check, payable to PCD Chalice Lighters to: PCD Chalice Lighters, 7511 Greenwood Avenue North, #414, Seattle, WA 98103-4627. Include the PCD designation on both your check and payment envelope. Questions may be directed to

Thanks for your support!

Sincerely yours, 
Karen Urbano, Volunteer PCD Chalice Lighter Coordinator