Dear Friends:
It’s that time once again!  The Nominating Committee of the PCD is commencing the work of identifying potential nominees to the PCD Board and Nominating Commitee.  For additional details on the roles and relationships in this governance structure, please check out the PCD By-Laws. 
At this time, we seek your support as we discern a slate of qualified candidates who reflect the principles and values of Unitarian Universalism to serve in these leadership positions and we are asking for your referrals to highly qualified lay leaders and clergy by February 15.   Details of the current governance structure can be found on the PCDUUA website:  
You can also help us by sharing the PCD Leadership application with your governance-minded, creative and committed Unitarian Universalists. 
Thank you for your consideration.
The Pacific Central District Nominating Committee
Rev. Bonnie Dlott
Rev. Cathering Ishida
Rev. Michelle Favreault
Mitch Sukalski