Winter 2016 Chalice Lighter Call

Dear PCD Chalice Lighters, Great things are happening at the UU Society of Sacramento. In September they dedicated a beautifully renovated and expanded sanctuary building. The project required moving to a rented Congregational church for services and RE for 13 months. Since returning home, attendance at worship and RE has

Call for Nominations – PCD Board

Dear Friends: It’s that time once again!  The Nominating Committee of the PCD is commencing the work of identifying potential nominees to the PCD Board and Nominating Commitee.  For additional details on the roles and relationships in this governance structure, please check out the PCD By-Laws.    At this

Support the UU’s of Petaluma

Fall 2015 Chalice Lighter Call! Support the UU’s of Petaluma with your generous contribution to the Fall 2015 Chalice Lighter Call! They have been growing and recently moved to a new rental location and expanded their ministry and presence in Petaluma. Your Chalice Lighter donation will help them expand their

PCD Leadership Day 2016!

Religious Leadership for the 21st Century PCD Leadership Days: Religious Leadership for the 21st Century will be held on Saturday, January 23rd, at the First Unitarian Church of San Jose. Register Your Leadership Team Today! Event starts at 10:00AM to 4:00PM (Registration is at open at 9:30AM) $40.00 per person Facilitators: Rev.