PCD Fall 2020 Chalice Lighter Call

Dear Chalice Lighter, The Fall 2020 Pacific Central Chalice Lighter call is designed to help congregations further their virtual communications during this unprecedented time of social distancing when we cannot join together in person at our physical churches. Church is not a building even though that is where we meet,

PCD Fall 2018-19 Chalice Lighters Call

September 2018Dear Chalice Lighter, Starr King School for the Ministry (SKSM) will be the recipient of your Fall 2018 Pacific Central District Chalice Lighter grant. Seminarians deserve our support! Starr King School for the Ministry has been educating religious leaders in Berkeley for 114 years. For over a decade, SKSM has

PCD Fall 2017-18 Chalice Lighters Call

October 2017 Dear Chalice Lighter, The fall PCD Chalice Lighter call is designed to bring more PCD Unitarian Universalists to the Regional Assembly in Portland, Oregon, April 27-29, 2018. The Pacific Central District budget for 2017-2018 includes $14,000 to be used to support members of congregations to attend Regional Assembly.

PCD Winter 2016-17 Chalice Lighters Call

February 2017 Dear Chalice Lighter, Thanks for your participation in the Chalice Lighters program. Starting with this Winter 2017 Chalice Lighter call, the PCD has decided to not limit the program to only congregational projects. We want to encourage innovation, including joint congregational projects and even non-congregational initiatives. Whatever good

PCD Awards: A Call for Nominations

It’s Awards Season! (No, this isn’t about the Golden Globes or Academy Awards.) Every year at District Assembly, the PCD recognizes the achievements of individuals and congregations in areas including social justice, community service, religious education, youth ministry, website design, generosity and growth. How do we determine the recipients of