Winter 2022-23 Chalice Lighters Call Now Open!

November 2022 Dear Chalice Lighter, The Winter 2022-23 PCD Chalice Lighter proposal comes from three congregations: The UU Church in Livermore, Napa Valley Unitarian Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma. The PCD board has agreed to augment the amounts brought in from your Chalice Lighter donations. If you have been a monthly donor, we

Fall 2021 PCD Chalice Lighters Call

July 2021 Dear PCD Chalice Lighter, The Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma have purchased their first permanent home as of May 31, 2021. They intend to nurture a vibrant UU presence in the historical district of downtown Petaluma. Their new church home was built in 1901 by the First Congregational Church

Update from the PCD Board 3/23/21

Community Conversations Continue Thank you to the twenty-four people who registered or showed up for the conversation on “Church 2.0” with board member Clovice Lewis. Clovice provided us with a framework for examining the broad and long-term contexts in which we will be making decisions on how to be a

Spring 2020-21 PCD Chalice Lighters Call

The Spring 2021 Chalice Lighter call for the Pacific Central District will be devoted to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley (UUCB). They write: “The mission of UUCB is to create a loving community, inspire spiritual growth, and encourage lives of integrity, joy, and service. We begin that commitment with