1)   Call for nominations for awards should begin at least 8 weeks prior to the District (or Regional) Assembly at which they will be given. All nominations must be received no later than 3 weeks prior to the Assembly.

2)   Nominations can be made by anyone familiar with the work of the nominee. Ideally the nominator should be a member of a District congregation. Nominations should include specific details of the accomplishments and characteristics which merit an award. The length of the nomination proposal should be limited to about 750 words, and absolutely no more than 1000 words. Nominations may be as short as desired as long as an adequate case is presented to justify the exemplary work of the nominee or congregation.

3)   All award types need not be given in each year, as they depend on nominations. When multiple persons are nominated for the same award, the decision will be made by the award committee. In rare cases, a nominee may be chosen to receive more than one award, but no more than two. Similarly, if exceptional nominees have been presented, one award category may be bestowed to multiple nominees, but also no more than two. The award categories are listed at the end of this document.

4)   Normally the award committee should be chaired by the Board Vice-­‐President, but another chair can be appointed. At least one other Board member should be on the committee and also at least one staff member. All staff may be consulted for input on the nominees and their qualifications, as staff often have long working relationships with the active members of congregations.

5)   Congregations may be nominated by their minister(s), but individuals should not be self-­‐ nominated. Nominations may be made by Board members or Staff, but the nominator should not also be serving on the awards committee.

6)   After nominations are complete, the awards committee should convene a meeting (usually virtual or telephone) to make any necessary decisions. Should all nominations be uncontested (only one nominee per award type) then the only decision is whether any nomination is insufficient or if there are any reasons why a nominee is unfit to receive the award. This is expected to be a rare event.

7)   Following final decisions about awards, the winners of each award should be contacted at least a week in advance of the Assembly. They should be notified of their award (as should congregations who have won awards should have their minister and Board Presidents notified).

It should be asked if they wish to briefly speak upon receiving their award. Otherwise the presenter of the awards during the Assembly will summarize the nominations and announce the winner of each award.

8)   District Numerical Growth Awards (Percentage and Raw Member Growth) should be awarded strictly on the numbers unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

Patti Lawrence Distinguished Service

For an individual Unitarian Universalist who has provided exceptional leadership at the District level, not only by valued contributions to our religious movement but also by exemplifying our common values through his/her very life.

Junella Hanson Memorial Award for Excellence  in Religious Education

For a Unitarian Universalist who has demonstrated true excellence in teaching and faith development in the PCD.

Moral Beacon Award

For a Unitarian Universalist or a congregation that has demonstrated excellent work for social justice or community service in the PCD.

Youth Programming Award

For a Unitarian Universalist or congregation that has made a significant contribution to youth ministry.

Youth Justice  Award

For a Unitarian Universalist youth who has demonstrated commitment to the work of unlearning racism, dismantling racial oppression, or building multicultural community.

Best Website

For the congregation in the Pacific Central District with the most attractive and user-friendly Website.

Dynamic RE Award

For a congregation with innovative programs in either youth or adult religious exploration.

Community Service Award

For an individual who has provided exceptional leadership in his/her congregation, not only by valued contributions to the congregation but also by exemplifying our common values through his/her very life. Contributions to the wider community—beyond simply their congregation—are expected.

Culture of Financial  Generosity Award

For a congregation that has shown special creativity and innovation in building a culture of financial generosity.

Norma Cordell Award for Prophetic Voice

Awared to an individual, for telling the truth with love, demonstrating a commitment to addressing difficult issues within our congregations or district structure with sensitivity, wisdom, and courage.  

Small Congregation Award for Community Presence

For a congregation of less than 150 members that has made a difference in their community.

This policy was last updated 14 March 2015.