This policy has been drafted in order to provide clear boundaries for the safety of both the YRUU and UUYAN conference communities within the Pacific Central District.  Given the ages range of YRUU will be 14-20 as of January 2009 and UUYAN remains 18-35:

A youth between the ages of 18 and 20 has the opportunity to attend two UUYAN conferences as a means of exploring what welcomes them in terms of religious community post-youth.

After participating in up to two UUYAN conferences, the youth may either join UUYAN or remain in YRUU through either of the vehicles described below:

  1. a)  The youth returns to YRUU activities until the individual feels ready to bridge into UUYAN or until the individual ages out of YRUU’s established age range.
  2. b)  The youth may decide to bridge to UUYAN and has the additional option of attending one final all-ages YRUU conference. Should that youth choose to attend a bridging ceremony at a YRUU conference the youth in question must do so before attending their third UUYAN conference.

Should a participant decide at any point to attend a third UUYAN conference within the given time span, the decision will be made clear that the participant has crossed the entirety of the metaphorical “bridge” and officially joined the UUYAN community.  Attending three UUYAN conferences marks the rite of passage and transition from the life stage of youth to that of young adulthood.

WUUKY is an YRUU event and is considered equivalent to a single YRUU conference.

This policy has been written by the PCD UUYAN SC with input from YRUU Council, the UUYAN Conference Community and the Umbrella Council. It can be amended by the PCD Board, in consultation with the YRUU Council, the UUYAN Steering Committee, and PCD Umbrella Council.


Approved, November 15, 2008