November 19, 2016

The role of the Pacific Central District (PCD) Board is to:

  1. As elected representative of PCD congregations, provide governance per the PCD by-laws, including:
  • work[ing] with PCD Staff and Committees to develop and implement the policies, goals, plans, and objectives of the District”,
  • reporting out on these “policies, goals, plans, and objectives” at an “annual meeting”,
  • a District Assembly “from time to time”,
  • acting as the fiduciary to steward the financial resources of the PCD, and
  • holding at least four board meetings per year.
  1. Support Congregational Life (CL) Staff in linking congregations to resources: staff, resources, best practices, training; and when appropriate, collaborating with CL staff to initiate or continue specific programs (e.g.: Beloved Conversations, Chalice Lighters).
  1. Serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for CL Staff, as well as holding CL leadership accountable to the Letter of Agreement between the Board and UUA-CL.
  1. Facilitate regional collaboration–in all forms that are useful (clusters, congregations working together in Multisite sharing, etc.).
  1. Direct and prioritize paid and volunteer district staff.