By 2017, the Pacific Central District is organized around well-connected and covenanted clusters of congregations, whose members convene with and learn from each other.

Congregations and their district leaders are also connected to the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Pacific Western Region and other UU-identified organizations, interfaith groups and community organizations.

The multigenerational and multicultural relationships that come from these connections are further enabled by technology that allows us to transcend geographic and economic boundaries.

Our congregations and their numbers are growing, aided by grants and other financial support, and in turn live out their values of generosity within the larger movement, to insure common resources are available to all member congregations.

As stewards of our faith and on behalf of these congregations, a smaller policy-focused board of lay and clergy leaders provides clarity of roles, empowers staff, and holds them accountable for providing the resources to our congregations to accomplish this vision.

The empowered staff shares this common vision, with trust from the board and congregations that enables long term working relationships.


Approved unanimously, January 13, 2013