PCD Board Covenant 

4 June 2016

We, the members of the Board of the Pacific Central District of the Unitarian Universalist Association, do covenant with each other:

  •  To uphold our mission, serving our member congregations and supporting the growth of Unitarian Universalism in the PCD and the Pacific Western Region.
  •  To respect and trust each other, assuming the best intentions in our words and actions.
  •  To practice deep listening, patience and respectfulness in our conduct.
  •  To be forgiving and accepting of one another.
  •  To welcome and practice curiosity, dissent and bold speech.
  •  To encourage laughter and fun.
  •  To be spiritual and worshipful in our practices.
  •  To fulfill our duties actively as Board members and hold one another accountable to our by- laws, policies, practices and covenant.
  •  To commit to attend Board meetings and functions.
  •  To ensure that all Board communications will be in an inclusive, transparent and timely manner.
  •  To speak with one voice regarding Board decisions and votes.